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Mike Mentalism Pro ProfileHello ladies and gentlemen, the name’s Mike Gray and I’m a professional mentalist. While I started by performing shows for friends and moved on up to large crowds of people, I’ve since retired from the more artistic part of Mentalism and dedicated myself to perfect its personal use – as we’ll talk about throughout the articles.

I’ve loved magic ever since I was a kid, like most people, but something about Mentalism just caught my attention. The smoothness, the simplicity and its nearly unbelievable results set it apart from the competition in my view, and ever since I’ve been a learner and a practitioner. Hundreds of books, videos, guides, performances and many years of experience later, here I am, ready to share my knowledge with you!

I’ll be sharing knowledge for both rookies and experts alike, with the main purpose of turning all of you into the best mentalists you can possibly be. I love the art and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone perform it perfectly so let’s do our best and blow some minds!

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